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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Biggest India ETFs

Ever wonder what are the biggest India ETFs? Insider Monkey has the answer for you as it released a post showing the "The Biggest India ETFs".

 With the evolution of stock markets, those interested in making some money out of it have a whole range of options they can choose to invest in. However, among various securities, a rather popular choice are the Exchange-traded funds (ETF). A good thing about the ETFs is that they combine the possibility to invest the money in a variety of companies, which is a feature of mutual or index funds, with the volatility and price oscillations of stocks, which makes it attractive for speculative investors.
So as the rule goes, if there is a demand for something, the supply won't hesitate to appear, and in order to meet the high demand, there have been introduced ETFs that track various baskets of securities like stocks, indices, commodities and so on. Read on Insider Monkey's post about the biggest India ETFs.