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Friday, September 27, 2013

Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.’s Best Dividend Plays

Goldman Sachs's  best dividend plays have been shown for the awareness of everybody. "Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.’s Best Dividend Plays" was written by Insider Monkey for us to know more about it. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE:GS) is a key player in the banking industry to watch, not only from an investment standpoint, but from a researcher's perspective as well. We'll explain.

 As companies are recovering from the recent financial crisis, they've found themselves with large amounts of cash on their balance sheets. In order to do something with this cash, companies can invest it in order to grow, to pay down their debts, to buy back shares or to initiate and increase dividends. This last point is important, since shareholders who invest in companies that pay dividends receive something more than income from quarterly cash payments. Just go to Insider Monkey's site for more information about Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.