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Friday, September 27, 2013

The 10 Least Charitable Countries in the World

As a human being, it normal for us to help other people. On the other hand, there are still least charitable countries in the world. The countries that are known least charitable countries are given on a list by Insider Monkey's "The 10 Least Charitable Countries in the World". The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), a UK-based charity, has revealed in a report which countries are most charitable, and which ones are not as involved in giving-related activities.

The "World Giving Index" was established to measure the giving trends from all around the world. In 2012 it involved 146 countries and about 155,000 people which are being surveyed on the following questions: ""Have you done any of the following in the past month: Donated money to a charity? Volunteered your time to an organisation? Helped a stranger, or someone you didn’t know who needed help?"  To see the complete list of the least charitable countries, please go to Insider Monkey's site.