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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The 8 Most Earth-Like Planets Scientists Have Discovered…So Far

According to scientists, aside from earth, there are earth-like planets that people can live  in. Insider Monkey has a post about "The 8 Most Earth-Like Planets Scientists Have Discovered…So Far". You should read the post about them.

Could you imagine life on any other planet than Earth? Well, while the possibility of this existing has neither been confirmed or denied, scientists have discovered several planets that hold some similarities to our mother land. While more research on the matter has to be undertaken, there are voices that have stated these planets could potentially support life.

The planets in our top 8 were ranked according to how they score on the Earth Similarity Index, a scale devised by researchers in an attempt to evaluate how habitable a certain planet is. Let’s take a look at the countdown. To see the all the most earth-like planets, visit the website of Insider Monkey.