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Friday, September 27, 2013

Bank of America Corp : The Big Bank Temptation in 7 Charts

Bank of America is said to be the big bank temptation in 7 charts. Is that for real?  Insider Monkey wrote about "The Big Bank Temptation in 7 Charts" for us to know about them. Everywhere you turn someone has an opinion about the big banks. On one channel you hear about "too big to fail", on another you hear about "too big to jail", and in the morning paper you read about record year end profits despite a $6 billion+ trading loss earlier in the same year. What, exactly, are we to think of the big banks?

To answer that question I've compiled 7 charts that paint a picture with data, not opinion. The takeaway? You'll have to see for yourself--the conclusion will surprise you. You should see Insider Monkey's site for more details regarding the big bank temptation.