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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Best Leveraged ETFs

Have you got any idea of the best leveraged ETFs? This ETF is popular in the US. With this,  Insider Monkey made something to read on about "Best Leveraged ETFs". In the U.S. equity universe, Exchange Traded Funds have occupied a strong position being a popular security among traders and investors. The choice of putting one's money in ETFs is pretty clear, since they offer many benefits in terms of taxes, costs, dividends and also intraday price fluctuations, which is convinient for speculative investors.

One more good thing about ETFs is their leveraging tactics. This means that a leveraged ETF employs financial derivates and debt, aside from the price variations of the index it follows. To put it more simply, a leveraged ETF increases by a double or triple amount as the index it tracks. However, it's not so perfect, and the downside of the leverage is that it works the other way as well, so if the index followed declines, the fund loses even more ground. Visit Insider Monkey for more details about leveraged ETFs.