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Friday, September 27, 2013

The Ten Most Expensive Homes in the World

There area lot of beautiful homes out there. Moreover, not all of them are as expensive as we think but there are really the most expensive homes in the world.Insider Monkey brings us a posting stating the "The Ten Most Expensive Homes in the World". This is for us to have a great inspiration in having our own house.

Three stories high, indoor and outdoor pool, tennis court, glass walls? The reality is, that most of us, will never get to live in great mansions or castles, but it is always fun to see how people with a lot of money choose to live. Read on to find the list of the most expensive homes in the world made popular by the British newspaper "The Times."

Better known as the Castle of Dracula, the Bran Castle is a $135 million estate located in Transylvania, Romania. Although nowadays it is a museum, the fortress once served as the residence for royal families. Its most popular occupant was Vlad the Impaler, whom most people nowadays associate with the infamous count Dracula. You need to take a look at the website of Insider Monkey for the full list of the most expensive homes in the world.