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Friday, September 27, 2013

The 10 Deadliest Airplane Crashes in History

Traveling is a fun thing to do. Would you still consider if fun when something bad happen just like the deadliest airplane crashes? Insider Monkey created a list about "The 10 Deadliest Airplane Crashes in History"

Airline travel is considered as being one of the safest means of transportation, with the least amount of deaths per miles traveled. However, from time to time, stories of horrific airplane crashes do make the news. History has had its fair share of aviation catastrophes and we have compiled the ten worst tragedies, according to the toll that each crash took.

An incorrect use of the navigation system lead to the Korean Airlines Flight 007 being deviated from its route to Seoul and left it heading straight towards the Soviet Union. The flight was ultimately shot down by a Soviet fighter aircraft, which had allegedly mistaken the plane for a military spy. Please see Insider Monkey for the complete list about the deadliest airplane crashes.