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Friday, September 27, 2013

The 6 Most Haunted Cities In America

Ghost haunting with friends is probably one of the most exciting things to do. With this, you need to visit the most haunted cities in America.  Insider Monkey made a listing for us of "The 6 Most Haunted Cities In America".

If you love a good ghost story, then this is the article to read. While there are numerous small towns across the country that pride themselves with the ghost stories they can tell you, the list we have compiled for you focuses on some of the nation’s biggest, and of course most haunted, cities. 

Probably one of the last things to come to mind when thinking of Florida is ghost stories. However, you might be surprised. Some of the most famous haunted stories surrounding Key West are that of Ernest Hemingway’s home and of Captain Tony’s Saloon, which was once the location of the town morgue. You should see Insider Monkey for the full listing of the most haunted cities in America.