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Friday, September 27, 2013

Apple's 7 Most Expensive Apps Will Blow Your Mind

Apple Inc has a lot of helpful apps to its user. With this, there are apps to be the most expensive apps for Apple. Insider Monkey made an article regarding "The 7 Most Important Medical Advances of the Past Decade".

Medicine is an ever evolving field of science, with constant breakthroughs and discoveries being made at a rapid pace. Wondering what this past decade has brought in terms of medical advances? We have compiled a list of the seven most impressive medical triumphs over the last ten years. From vaccines and cancer treatments to the once a day HIV pill, our list has it all. 

While amniocentesis represents a reliable method to detect the Down syndrome in an unborn fetus, this particular procedure does carry some risks. However, in 2008, scientists developed a less invasive test that could identify the syndrome simply by drawing blood from the mother. You may visit on the site of Insider Monkey to know more facts about the most important medical advances over the part decade.