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Friday, September 27, 2013

What’s The Craziest Job In The World

Would you do the craziest jobs in the world just to earn bucks? Craziest by means of how delicate or how stressing they are. Insider Monkey created an article about "What’s The Craziest Job In The World". Read about it and comment if you really have the craziest job in the world.

Well, there are plenty of ways to measure this metric, but one way is to look at stress levels, i.e., the planet's 10 most stressful careers. The careers that have made the list were ranked according to the 2013 “Job rated stress score”, compiled by CareerCast.

Not at all surprising, military personnel ranks in the top position once again this year. There are several reasons why this profession is the leader in terms of stress. Arduous training camps, relatively low wages, taking tremendous risks have all added to the high stress score for this particular career. Even when there is no war, military personnel still have to undertake difficult tasks, such as providing relief in case of natural disaster. See the website of the Insider Monkey for the article about the craziest job in the world.