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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

What Makes a Good High Growth Company?

Seeing a high growth company seems to be very inspiring and we wonder what does it takes to have a good high growth company. Insider Monkey created "What Makes a Good High Growth Company? ".

High-growth companies can make investors a lot of money when they buy in at the “right” time, but picking a high-growth company is not so easy. How do you know a company is going to grow significantly, or continue to grow? The easy answer is that you don’t. But, there are certain parameters that can help identify which fast-growing companies are a good investment – specifically, you want to look for companies that have little debt, strong earnings growth and low P/E ratios.Using the stock screener at, we came up with this list of five stocks. Each of these companies have market caps over $2 billion, a debt to equity ratio under 0.30, P/E ratios under 15, and estimated EPS growth over 25%.

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