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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Time to Sell? Check the RSI First

RSI is important before buying any stocks. Why? Because it allows investors to know if the stock is oversold or perhaps undervalued.  To help them out, Insider Monkey created "Time to Sell? Check the RSI First".

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a tool that compares recent transactions of a stock to gauge the stock price’s strength. It tells investors whether a stock has been oversold, making it likely that it is undervalued, or overbought, meaning that it could be trading at a premium on momentum. Oversold stocks have RSI’s under 40 – the lower the RSI, the more oversold the stock – whereas overbought stocks have higher RSI’s (over 60) and the higher the RSI, the more overbought the stock. Investors can maximize the timing of a stock transaction using this tool.

The companies on this list are priced have high RSIs (over 70) and high P/E ratios, indicating that they are overbought and priced to sell: For more info about RSI, please go to the website of Insider Monkey.