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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

6 Airline Stocks to Buy, 2 To Avoid by UBS

According to UBS, there are airline stocks that are best to buy and there are those to be avoided.  Insider Monkey has made a posting about "6 Airline Stocks to Buy, 2 To Avoid by UBS".

UBS Research Analyst Kevin Crissey and Associate Analyst Kevin Grasmick published a report titled “US Airline Sector Note: That was ugly” on January 03, 2012. The analysts have analyzed the US Airline sector’s performance during 2011 and concluded that it was disappointing. Although the airline sector witnessed a strong revenue growth over the last year, their final results have been dismal (excluding Alaska and Allegiant). Hence, on average, airline stocks lost 25%. Revenue estimates for the airline sector were increased to 10% from 7%, while the estimates for growth in fuel cost were also 20% higher. Moreover, analysts believe that managements of these companies were not able to pass on the fuel price increase entirely to the consumer, generating a negative impact on the bottom-line. Given that the revenue outlook for the sector remains strong in the US, analysts are bullish on selected stocks like DAL and LCC. Fort the full detail about airline stocks to buy, please see the website of Insider Monkey.