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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

7 Dirt Cheap 5 Stars Rated Stocks by S&P

You are here because you wanna know about the dirt cheap 5 stars rated stocks by S&P. Good thing,  Insider Monkey has a posting revealing the "7 Dirt Cheap 5 Stars Rated Stocks by S&P".

Value investing is one of the best investment strategies individual investors can use to beat the market in the long run. Even though the stock market was pretty stagnant during the last 10 years, value investors were able to return around 7 percent per year.

In the search for large-cap value stocks, we ran a screen for stocks that were rated 5 stars, or “strong buy,” by Standard & Poor’s. We found the following list of 7 stocks each of which has a P/E ratio of 10 or less. Visit Insider Monkey for more details about dirt cheap 5 stars rated stocks.