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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

5 Well-Priced Stocks with Growing Dividends

There are really well-priced stocks having growing dividends. And you are here because you really want to know about them. Insider Monkey has a write-up about "5 Well-Priced Stocks with Growing Dividends".

Dividends can be very attractive in a low rate environment, such as the one we currently find ourselves in, where the Fed has vowed to keep target rates low through mid-2015. Worth noting is that dividend stocks are not without risks, however we look to limit risk by ensuring the companies can afford to pay dividends throughout an extended economic contraction.

We have identified five such stocks that pay a dividend yield over 4%. In addition to solid dividends, all of these companies have dividends that have grown 5% annually over the last five-years. These companies also appear to be cheap on a valuation basis, all trading with a PEG ratio less than 2.0. You may check the website of Insider Monkey to know all the well-priced stocks with growing dividends.