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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Terrible 20: Underperforming Stocks with High Short Interest

Do you want to know what are the stocks with high shorts interest? Well then, you have to read on "The Terrible 20: Underperforming Stocks with High Short Interest" created by Insider Monkey. The list of the stocks with a high level of short interest is filled with many names investors should expect, while others may come as a surprise. The twenty stocks below have attracted a strong short presence, as measured by the amount of shares shorted as a percentage of float. As well, all of these companies are down at least 5% over the last three months. While some of these companies have fundamentally flawed business models or operations, others are still facing pressure from an anticipated key event that may or may not come.

You need to visit Insider Monkey to see the full listing of the stocks with short interests.