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Thursday, October 03, 2013

15 High Dividend Stocks with the Highest Yields in their Sectors

Investors love to invest in companies with high dividend stocks. With this,  Insider Monkey made a posting about "15 High Dividend Stocks with the Highest Yields in their Sectors"

Defensive investors like investing in high dividend stocks as such stocks can protect them from inflationary risks. We are concerned about the Fed’s inflationary monetary policy and therefore we recommend investors to play defensively by purchasing stocks with high dividend yields.

Below we compiled a list of high dividend stocks with the highest dividend yields in their sectors. All companies have at least $10 billion market cap and over 4% dividend yield, and are among the top two in their sectors in terms of dividend yields. The market data is sourced from Finviz. You can just visit Insider Monkey for the full article about high dividend stocks.