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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Jim Cramer Changed His Mind on These 6 Stocks

According to reports, Jim Cramer had changed his mind on some stocks.  Insider Monkey shares us "Jim Cramer Changed His Mind on These 6 Stocks" to read on.

Jim Cramer is the host of the wildly popular investment show “Mad Money.” On his December 12th show, Cramer talked about themes that were working in today’s market. “You have to be clever about what this market really wants,” he said. “Risk on, risk off is for the non-homework doing gunners who will far more than likely make no money at all.” Point in fact, there was a variety of food stocks that were disappointing quarter after quarter, but now these “disappointers” are starting to come back.

 Cramer says the following companies are doing better because their commodity costs are coming down. “It tells you that a European slowdown doesn't make all stocks unattractive … it actually makes some stocks more attractive than others, like the food group,” he said. “Especially since many of these companies have put through price increases that are sticking at the same time that the raw costs are coming down.”  For more information about Jim Cramer, go to the website of Insider Monkey.