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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

6 Stocks on Winning Streaks Short Sellers Don’t Believe In

Have you got any idea of the stocks on winning streaks yet some sellers don't believe?  Insider Monkey shares us its posting about "6 Stocks on Winning Streaks Short Sellers Don’t Believe In ". Short sellers make money when share price drops. To do this they borrow stock, sell the stock in the market, and then buy the shares back at a later date, and return it to the lender. If price goes down between selling the stocks and buying it back, short sellers keep the difference.

Analysts track how many shares are being “shorted” in the market, and use that data to gauge sentiment. If shares shorted are increasing, short sellers are signaling they believe the shares are likely to drop. If shares shorted decrease, it means short sellers think shares will likely increase (great for average investors, bad for short sellers). Please go to the website of Insider Monkey for more details about stocks on winning streaks.