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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

10 Most Profitable Healthcare Stocks

If there are profitable apparel stocks, for sure there are also the most profitable healthcare stocks.  Insider Monkey revealed the "10 Most Profitable Healthcare Stocks".

In the United States, healthcare is a fast-growing industry. Healthcare spending is rising at about 8% per year. A typical American Family of four spent about $18,000 on medical costs in 2010, compared with $16,771 in 2009. Between 2006 and 2010, the annual medical costs have increased by almost 35%. The rising healthcare costs are not good for the patients, but those who invest in healthcare stocks will benefit from such growth. As healthcare spending and costs are rising, we believe healthcare stocks will continue to be in the portfolios of most smart investors in the future. Below we compiled a list of top 10 most profitable healthcare companies based in US. All companies have at least $10 billion market cap, operating margin of over 20%, and EPS growth rate of more than 10% over the past five years.

For the complete list of the most profitable healthcare stocks, please go to Insider Monkey's site.