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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

8 UBS Stock Picks for 2012

If there are 7 stock picks, there are also 8 UBS stock pics for 2012.  Insider Monkey shares to you "8 UBS Stock Picks for 2012" for you to know their list. UBS Investment Research’s recently published report, “US Morning Meeting Highlights”, discusses different companies and how they are likely to be affected this year. The report is published on January 13th and we will summarize its main points. UBS analysts are of the opinion that Obama’s victory would have a positive impact on the “tech and industrial companies”, whereas the “healthcare, financial, energy and consumer” companies will be negatively affected due to the tougher regulations imposed. A Republican victory, on the other hand could be beneficial for “universal banks, managed care, coal, defense, and high-end consumer stocks”. In this article, we will discuss the buy-rated stocks mentioned in UBS’s report.

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