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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Largest Index ETFs On The Market

Do you have any idea about the largest index ETFs? To help you know about them, Insider Monkey made a post about "The Largest Index ETFs On The Market". In the modern stock market, aside from the well-known stocks, there are many other different products that can be used for trading and obtaining profit through speculation and price fluctuations. One of these products is an Exchange-traded fund, or ETF, which combines the volatility and liquidity of a stock with diversification.

There are currently about 700 ETFs which follow a variety or indices or commodities like gold or oil, but index ETFs are the most common, and hence, the most popular. Generally, while all ETFs have a variety of metrics that describe their performance, the basic figures that describe an ETF is Assets Under Management, daily trading volume and year-to-date return, among others.  Please go to Insider Monkey to see the article about index ETFs.