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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

REIT ETFs: The 10 Best Yields On The Market

To directly invest in real estate is also known as REIT ETFs. This is very popular by investors because it allows them to earn more. Insider Monkey created a blog about "REIT ETFs: The 10 Best Yields On The Market". Exchange Traded Funds are known for tracking a variety of securities like stocks, indices, bonds, or commodities, one of which being real estate. In this way, while some ETFs invest their assets in real estate, others invest in real estate investment trust equities, becoming REIT ETFs.

A real estate investment trust is a security that behaves like a stock and invests directly in real estate via mortgages or by purchasing properties. REITs have many advantages like some tax exemptions, they offer high dividend yields to investors and they represent a much more convenient way to put your money into real estate, since they have a higher liquidity than physical real estate. According to the way in which a REIT invests we can differentiate between REITs that actually acquire properties and earn revenues from using their real estate (for example: renting), and REITs that deal with real estate mortgages. You may visit Insider Monkey for more details about REIT ETFs.