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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Presidential Election Results: The 5 Most Controversial In History

The result during the presidential election is much awaited in the US. Because of this, Insider Monkey wrote something about "Presidential Election Results: The 5 Most Controversial In History".

Every 4 years, Americans gather to vote their new president. While elections are often quite messy affairs, there are several elections in US history that really take the cake. We have compiled a list of the worst and most controversial US Elections so far.

If you thought that only present day elections are messy affairs, you would be surprised to learn that the first place goes to a 19th century election. Let’s take a look at the most controversial elections in the history of the USA, in a style similar to our recap of the biggest corporate scandals in modern history. You should visit Insider Monkey for the complete details about the presidential election results.