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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Best Bad Movies: The 10 Best Low-Budget Flicks Ever

If there are movies that needed a lot of bucks to produce, there are also that they call the best bad movies.  Insider Monkey created a blog about the "Best Bad Movies: The 10 Best Low-Budget Flicks Ever".

curious what the top low-budget flicks of all-time are? Okay, we don't really mean "bad" in terms of quality, but "bad" from a budget standpoint. Typically, most movie go-ers don't expect too much from the cheapest movies made, because by definition, their producers used less resources to make the movie.

Furthermore, most of today’s blockbusters are high-budget movies, with breathtaking special effects and renowned actors, with paychecks higher than some countries’ GDP. However, the movies featured in our top ten will prove that it does not take millions of dollars to produce a great motion picture.You may visit Insider Monkey for the complete list of the best bad movies.