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Monday, August 11, 2008

Turkish Derivatives Exchange

Turkish Derivatives Exchange is located in Izmir and mostly owned by a group of banks. The trading volume increased by more than 10 fold since 2006 but it is still very light compared to western counterparts. Here is a recent article about their expansion plans:

...the exchange now plans to have a number of promotion campaigns in an effort to introduce itself more and more investors in Turkey. And we definitely need support of our media in achieving this goal. At the Turkish Derivatives Exchange, we have futures exchanges (dollar & euro), index futures, gold futures, cotton futures and wheat futures. In my opinion, the most significant characteristic of the Turkish Derivatives Exchange is that it plays a crucial role in reflecting investors' expectations for the future of prices; therefore, paving the way for some economic and financial parameters to become more transparent. In doing so, it asks some caution money from all parties involved in transactions and monitor it everyday. In this way, it prevents any risks that stem from any parties to negatively affect other parties.