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Friday, August 08, 2008

Cheap Hotels in Turkey

Turkey is becoming a destination for low-class tourists.

European tourism company TUI AG announced last week that it would organize weekly tours to Turkey at a price of 13 pounds (YTL 31) in the October-November period, causing discontent among Turkish tourism professionals. Representatives of tour operators in the popular Aegean holiday resorts Marmaris and Kuşadası claim the company is trying to advertise Turkey as a cheap holiday resort and that this will cause a decrease in the quality of tourists coming to the country.

This tour by TUI AG will make Turkey a country for low-class travelers, said the Turkish Travel Agencies Union, or TÜRSAB, Kuşadası executive board chairman, Bülent İlkbahar, adding that the facilities that had agreed to take part were one- or two-star establishments.

“The price of such hotels is already 4 to 5 pounds. They think that extra spending of tourists will bring money. There are hotels like this in Kuşadası. They hope that tourists will spend money for extras like alcohol. Such tourists, who prefer cheap tours, will leave 8 to 10 pounds at most. But if they sell rooms in normal prices, high-quality tourists will come and they will earn money.” (more)